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Life is chaotic.
Relationships are hard work.
One day you're at odds with your husband about your money problems and the next you're fighting with your seventeen year old son who came home drunk.
Oh and don't forget that best friend who can't ask you how your day was but will make sure to detail hers.
Or you realize that you there's more fighting amongst familiy members and no one seems to be having fun anymore.
And what about the situation where after 20 years of marriage, you look at your husband or wife and wonder, "What was I thinking when I married him or her?"
Or, you just learned that your spouse has been involved in an affair and you are devasted and unclear about whether you should end the marriage or not.
Perhaps you are worried about your teen daughter who is dressing more and more provacatively and she is only 13.
Your ten year old spends more time on the IPhone or IPad and has practically stopped interacting verbally.

Take control of



To help you deal with these issues and others, Dr. Joan D. Atwood, a psychologist, social worker, and marriage and family therapist developed this website to reach out and connect with you to offer our help.


We developed a question and answer E-Mail section to quickly answer any questions that you might have about any issue. Low cost On-Line or Tele-Therapy is also available. Here, therapy is provided through E Mail, Face Time, Zoom or Google Meet  In addition, we have created a series of webinars. These are short informative talks that will give you specific information about specific topics.  


All information is completely confidential.

Have a question

you need help with?



In addition to our webinars, we will answer any question you might have via e-mail.


We emphasize confidentiality on all issues. No question is silly; no question is unimportant.


If you have a question, we will answer it.

Schedule Online or Tele-Therapy


Do you ever feel as though it's hard to talk to a friend or a loved one? Sometimes it is hard to talk to those closest to us when we need support.


We Can Help!


Ask Dr. Joan offers on-line therapy Sessions. For either 30 minutes or 60 minutes, you can talk to a professional about the problems you are currently facing.


Confidential on-line therapy services are available through:






Attend a Webinar


Ask Dr. Joan presents monthly webinars. These webinars will give you information on various topics. Some of these topics are:


*Toxic Friendships

*How to Deal with Divorce

*Couples and Money

*Social Media and Relationships

*How to Get Over An Affair


Webinars are $25 each.

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