Webinars are short informative talks on various issues that many people face. Each webinar is $25

Do you ever feel like its hard to talk to a friend or a loved one about something that's important to you? Sometimes it is so difficult to talk to those closest to us when we need support.


In addition to our webinars, and E-Mail questions and answers, ask Dr. Joan offers one-on-one On Line or Tele-Therapy Sessions. For either 30 minutes or 50 minutes, you can talk to a professional about the problems you are currently facing.


On Line or Tele-Therapy Therapy is available through:

  • Facetime

  • Zoom

  • Google Meet


To arrange for a therapy session on-line, please E-Mail



Each on-line therapy session is $45 for a half hour session and $75 for a fifty minute session.



30 minutes $45



50 minutes $75

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