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Webinars are short informative talks on various issues that many people face. Each webinar is $25

Each E-Mail is $25. Please keep your questions as brief as possible.

In addition to our webinars, we offer question and answer sessions via e-mail.


In other words, you write the question, pay for it on paypal, and send it to our email address address. An answer is guaranteed within 24 hours. 


These questions are confidential. No one will see these questions except one of the three of us. The question should be as specific as you can get it. 


How does this work?


Prepay here                         and then 

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No question is too silly; every question you have is important. We will seriously consider and respond to any question you might have within 24 hours.



Examples are:


My best friend was flirting with my boyfriend at a party. Should I speak with her about it?


I am getting divorced. Can you give me some helpful hints as to how I should tell the children?


Lately, my husband is having a problem achieving an erection. Is it my fault? Does it mean he's no longer attracted to me?


I found marijuana in my son's bedroom drawer. I don't know how to handle it. Can you give me some helpful hints?


My two year old won't sleep in her own bed. It is starting to interfere with our sex life. What should we do?


My 12 year old is having temper tantrums. The other day he threw a chair at his brother. How should I handle it?

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